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Common Causes of Foundation Cracks

Foundation cracks in homes can be caused by various factors, ranging from soil conditions to structural issues.

  • Poor drainage: Improper water runoff can lead to soil erosion.
  • Tree roots: Trees close to the foundation can cause soil movement.
  • Settling soil: Changes in soil density can create pressure on the foundation.
  • Extreme weather: Temperature fluctuations may impact the foundation.
  • Poor construction: Inferior quality materials or workmanship can contribute to cracks.

Signs You Need Foundation Crack Repair

If you notice vertical or horizontal cracks in your walls or ceilings, it may indicate the need for foundation crack repair services.

  • Doors and windows that stick or don’t close properly
  • Uneven or sloping floors
  • Gaps between walls and the ceiling or floor
  • Cracks in exterior brickwork
  • Visible gaps around doors and windows

Types of Foundation Cracks

Various types of foundation cracks can indicate different issues in a home’s structure. Horizontal cracks may suggest pressure from the soil, while stair step cracks could be a sign of foundation settlement.

Hairline cracks, shrinkage cracks, and foundation slab cracks are also common types that homeowners should be aware of for proper identification and timely repair.

Horizontal Cracks

Horizontal cracks in a home’s foundation can indicate significant structural issues that require immediate attention. These cracks often result from excessive lateral pressure exerted on the foundation walls, leading to potential stability problems.

It’s crucial to address horizontal cracks promptly to prevent further damage and ensure the structural integrity of the home. Seeking professional foundation repair services can help diagnose the root cause of these cracks and implement effective solutions.

Stair Step Cracks

Stair step cracks, another common type of foundation crack, often indicate a distinct pattern of structural stress on a home’s foundation walls. These cracks resemble a flight of stairs with each section offset from the one below, and they’re typically found in brick or concrete block foundations.

Stair step cracks can be a sign of significant movement or settling in the foundation, requiring professional assessment and repair to maintain the structural integrity of the home.

Hairline Cracks

Hairline cracks are narrow, shallow fissures that can develop in a home’s foundation walls, often as a result of minor shifts or settling in the structure. These cracks are typically thin and can be challenging to spot initially.

While hairline cracks are generally not a cause for immediate concern, it’s essential to monitor them for any progression or changes that may indicate underlying issues requiring attention.

Shrinkage Cracks

Shrinkage cracks in a foundation are common types of fissures that can develop due to the natural drying and curing process of concrete. These cracks are usually thin and vertical, appearing as the concrete shrinks.

While shrinkage cracks are typically not structurally concerning, they can allow water seepage. It’s important to monitor them and address any potential water infiltration to prevent further issues in the future.

Foundation Slab Cracks

Commonly seen in homes, foundation slab cracks can be indicative of underlying structural issues that require prompt attention. These cracks can be classified into different types based on their shapes and sizes, such as hairline cracks, vertical cracks, horizontal cracks, and diagonal cracks.

Understanding the type of crack present is crucial for determining the appropriate repair method to ensure the stability and safety of the home’s foundation.

Foundation Crack Injection

Utilizing specialized equipment, foundation crack injection is a proven method for effectively sealing cracks in residential structures. This process involves injecting a liquid polymer into the crack under pressure, allowing it to fill the entire void and create a strong bond.

Foundation crack injection is a reliable solution that helps prevent water infiltration and further damage to the foundation of Tulsa homes.

DIY vs Professional Foundation Crack Repair

When deciding between tackling foundation crack repair as a do-it-yourself project or hiring a professional, homeowners should carefully consider their skill level and the complexity of the repair needed. DIY repairs can be cost-effective for minor cracks, but larger or structural issues may require the expertise of a professional.

Ensuring the job is done correctly the first time can help prevent further damage and maintain the integrity of the home.

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